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A news item has been published in “The Hindu” on 08.10.2015 stating that a bag of 50 kg cement is billed and sold to the public at the price of Rs. 420.00. Whereas, in October 2013 a bag of cement was sold at Rs.235.00. It is reported that this price is higher as compared to the average cement price in other Metro Cities.

Further in the news item, the retail price prevailing in October 2013, October 2014, January 2015, March 2015 and October 2015 are compared. In this connection, the actual retail cement prices pertaining in Tamilnadu in the above period are given below:

Year Price (Rs. per bag)
October 2013 300.00
October 2014 320.00
January 2015 380.00
March 2015 390.00
October 2015 405.00

However, the cement for the bulk consumers is sold in the range of Rs.350.00 to Rs.370.00 per bag by the private manufacturers at present.

“It is also reported that not just cement from Private companies, even Arasu cement from Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Ltd (TANCEM), which for long was far cheaper than the rest had now become expensive, selling at Rs. 380.00(PPC) per Bag”. The news item is contrary to the real fact.

Tamilnadu Cement Corporation Limited, a Government of Tamilnadu undertaking unlike what is reported in “The Hindu” is selling cement to the public at much cheaper rate even today, as done all along the years.

The present price per bag of ARASU cement is Rs.303.00 at ex-works for PPC, Rs.315.00 ex-works for OPC 43 grade and landing cost including freight works out to Rs.330.00 PPC and Rs.340.00 OPC from Ariyalur Cement Works. From Alangulam Cement Works
the ex-works rate is Rs.317.00 PPC and including freight the landing cost is Rs.335.00.

The above mentioned Arasu Cement price is in force for the last 6 months. Hence, the price is quite comparable and cheaper than the price at which cement is sold by private manufacturers and is even cheaper in comparison to cement price prevailing in the neighbouring states. Therefore, TANCEM has been selling ARASU Cement to the public always at cheaper price and not Rs.380.00 per bag (PPC) as reported in The Hindu.

Further, ARASU Cement is largely sold in Southern districts of Tamilnadu and there has been no sale in Chennai city for several years. Therefore, the report of ARASU cement being sold at Rs.380.00 at Chennai is totally false and baseless information. Public can easily approach TANCEM for getting cement at cheaper price and TANCEM could be contacted at Toll Free No.1800 42522000.

Further, through Amma Cement Supply Scheme, TANCEM is supplying cement at Rs.190.00 per bag to the lower, and middle income group for their house construction and repair works. As on date 7,95,565 MTs of cement has been sold and 2,54,927 number of households have benefitted under the scheme.

Issued By: DIPR, Secretariat, Chennai 9 

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