Sunday, October 25, 2015

Financial assistance to Voluntary Organisations Engaged Using Indian languages in Law

1.The Government of India have a scheme for giving financial assistance to Voluntary Organisations engaged in the use of Indian languages in the field of law.

2. The grant would be available to those organizations, who are
doing any of the following works in any language mentioned in the
Constitution of India, namely:-

  •  Preparation and publication of original law books, 
  • Translation and publication of standard law books or classics,
  • Preparation and publication of legal glossary,
  • Publication of Law Journals,
  • Any other publication, which may develop and propagate Hindi or other official languages of the States in the field of law, and
  •  Additional grants would be considered for works in regional languages accompanied by its version in Hindi.

3. The Application form and Copy of Scheme is available on Government of India website For additional information and for obtaining the application form, please contact the Joint Secretary and Legislative Counsel, (Official Language), Ministry of Law & Justice, Legislative Department, Official Languages Wing, Room No.742, VII Floor, ‘A’ Wing. Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi–110 001 (Phone Number 011-23386229). The duly filed in application should reach the aforesaid by 20th November, 2015.

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